Hmm, this blogging thing doesnt seem be going to well does it lol. I think i'm writing a post about once a year! Anyway what's been going on in my world? Well I just changed jobs again. I now work in bank in London . It's no ideal but it pays well, and in this economic climate, I can't complain really.

I do hope to get into making online games at some point, although i've been saying that for what appears to be five years! Will it happen? I don't know but i'll keep making the games in my spare time, and hopefully sell a few to som flash websites. Actually I've been playing a fair few games lately in my spare time, such as some tower defense games cycling games and quite a zombie shooters.

The tower games are a particular favourite of mine, as they remind me of the old favourites on the c64 and zx spectrum. Those of you who remember the game will remember the old school cool graphics. They really were a fun defense games back in the day, and i still searching for something similar online.

Anyway I hope to start posting more often, as ive been slacking lately and alot of interesting things are about to happen in the coming weeks. So... stay tuned! :)


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